Enhance your yoga practice by browsing through our shop for high quality, imported essentials; we offer yoga mats and bags, meditation stools and cushions, yoga clothes and meditation mala’s.

We also offer must-have accessories that any earth mother will not want to be left without; baby carriers, amber teething necklaces, eco friendly cotton nappies and organic natural baby care products.

Please hover over one of the following pictures for a description and a price. If you would like to order a product, please click here or call 076 081 7615.

Amber Teething Necklaces: R200


Baby Slings: R330

Bolsters: R250

Holo Lilo: R500

Meditation Cushions: R250

Meditation Mala’s: R200

Meditation Stools: R100

Power Balance Band: R495

Yoga Mat Bags: R200

Yoga Clothing: R250

Yoga Mats: R250


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